Wednesday Fast - Rituals, Methods, and Benefits (2024)

According to religious beliefs, each day of the week is dedicated to a different god or goddess, on which, special worship is done and a fast is observed. It is believed that fasting is an important method to appease any god or goddess. However, it is crucial to perform any fast according to the complete rites and rituals. Today, we will talk about the Wednesday fast and why it is observed.

Budhwar, or Wednesday, is dedicated to the worship of the planet Mercury, also known as Budhdev. Numerous followers also think that this day is designated for the worship of the god of wisdom, Lord Ganesha. When we talk about the planet Mercury, it is also called Budh and is the prince of all the planets, and serves as a protective shield. Observing the Budhwar Vrat provides us with guidance, security, and optimism for the future.

In Hindu mythology, Budhdev is given a position of purity, and the midday of the week is devoted to him. In order to obtain Lord Ganesha's or Lord Budh's divine grace and have all of their wishes granted, Hindu devotees worship the deity and observe the Wednesday fasting ritual for 21 consecutive Wednesdays. The first Wednesday of Shukla Paksha in any lunar month is the best time to begin Budhwar fasting. So let us know about the Wednesday fasting benefits, what is the proper Wednesday fast vidhi and what to eat, and what not to eat during the fast.

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Budhwar Vrat Katha (Story)

Once upon a time, a wealthy man named Keshav lived in Varanasi. He was married to Soubhagya, a beautiful and virtuous girl from Allahabad. One day, Keshav went to his parents-in-law's house to meet his wife and bring her back to his house. He asked his in-laws to say goodbye to Soubhagya. However, her parents refused, saying Wednesdays are not good days to travel for any auspicious work. Keshav refused to comply, claiming he did not believe in good or bad luck, despite their repeated requests.

After much deliberation, Soubhagya's parents decided to forcefully say goodbye to her. Both began their journey on a bullock cart. After traveling a short distance, Soubhagya became thirsty. Keshav made her sit beneath a tree and then went to fetch water. When Keshav returned with water, he was surprised to find a man who looked exactly like him sitting next to his wife. Soubhagya was astounded by him as well because they both had the same appearance.

Keshav inquired, "Who are you, and why are you seated next to my wife?" In response, the man said, "Gentlemen, this is my wife. We are leaving my parents-in-law's house. But who are you to ask me this kind of question? Keshav began to yell, "You have to be a fraud or a thief. She is my wife, and I made her sit beneath the tree and go fetch water." When the man heard this, he exclaimed, "You are lying, man. I went to fetch water for Soubhagya when she started to feel thirsty. I have already given her some water. You have to leave now, or I will call the soldier nearby and have you arrested."

They started fighting. Many people gathered there as they witnessed them fighting and began talking about the unexpected circ*mstances. Then, from heaven, a sweet voice called, "Keshav! On Wednesday, you left with force, disobeying Soubhagya's parents' advice. This is all happening due to the rage of Budhdev.” Keshav prayed to Budhdev, the God. "O celestial Lord, please pardon me," he prayed. I have made a serious mistake, and I promise never to travel on a Wednesday again." After hearing this, the compassionate Lord Budhdev pardoned him.

Upon witnessing this miracle, other people were perplexed, as Keshav's duplicate immediately disappeared from that location. Keshav and his wife set out on a happy journey to Varanasi. They arrived home safely and began to observe the Bhudhvar Vrat. Their home was filled with wealth as a result of Lord Budhdev's blessing, and they lived happily thereafter. Since then, in order to satisfy their desires and lead happy lives, devotees have begun keeping the Wednesday fast with faith and devotion.

Wednesday Fast - Rituals, Methods, and Benefits (1)

Significance of Wednesday Fast

It is believed that Mercury, also known as Budh, is the solar system's closest planet to the Sun. According to astrology, Mercury represents wit, wisdom, wealth, intelligence, career and business growth, as well as innovative thought processes. As a result, practicing the Wednesday Fasting Ritual promotes advancement and growth in these domains. Devotees who observe Budhwar fasting and worship Lord Ganesha, the Vighnaharta (remover of all obstacles), are able to fulfill all of their desires.

  • It is said that keeping Wednesday fasting helps the followers develop their critical thinking and reasoning skills, which are ultimately crucial for any student or businessperson.
  • The planet Mercury generally brings good fortune, but in a few uncommon cases, its incorrect horoscope placement can have negative effects. Under such circ*mstances, the negative influence of Mercury causes the devotees to experience anxiety, indecision, aggression, and fear of dying young. Keeping Wednesday fast aids in resolving each of these problems.
  • Budhwar Vrat is also crucial for solving health problems like anxiety, eating disorders, and hypertension that arise from the negative impacts of planet Mercury on relationships.
  • By keeping the Wednesday fasting and receiving Lord Ganesha's divine blessings, people who suffer from conditions like lack of focus and concentration, speaking and hearing impairments, trouble writing, etc. can get their problems resolved.
  • The planet Mercury (Budh Graha) rules the Heart Chakra, which is the hub of all seven chakras in the universe. Thus, through worshiping Lord Budh and performing Wednesday fast vidhi, the followers can cultivate virtues like forgiveness, kindness, love, and patience, among others.
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Wednesday Fast Vidhi

Wednesday fasting, or Budhavar Vrat, starts that very morning and lasts for the next twenty-four hours. On that day, some people only eat one meal in the afternoon. The husband and wife may occasionally observe the fast together. Praying to Lord Vishnu nonstop throughout the day, devotees also chant hymns in his honor, such as Vishnu Sahasranamam (1000 names of Lord Vishnu), sing bhajans (songs), read and hear tales about him, and present Tulsi (basil) leaves. This fast is typically observed for up to 21 consecutive Wednesdays, starting on the first Wednesday of Shukla Paksha, the waxing phase of the Moon. Here is the proper Wednesday Fast Vidhi that the devotee needs to follow.

  • In order to witness the Budhwar Vrat, devotees should rise early and bathe in holy water. Then, since the planet Mercury's cosmic color is green, they ought to dress in brand-new green clothing.
  • Subsequently, the followers should tidy up the puja area and use Gangajal to purify every corner of the house.
  • Next, decide which direction is northeastern and position the idols or pictures of Lord Ganesha and Lord Budhdev there.
  • Subsequently, start the puja by offering flowers, oil lamps, vermilion, incense sticks, bel leaves, sandalwood paste, and food items such as fruits, baked goods, and kheer (bhog).
  • To follow the Wednesday fasting ritual, repeat any of the 108 mantras of Lord Ganesha and Lord Budh repeatedly.
  • Devote yourself entirely to reading or listening to the fasting narrative, the Budhwar fasting Katha. Do not stop the action midstream or quit the area before it is finished.
  • Offer flowers and Aarti to the gods to end the puja. Next, give the prasad to the worshippers.
  • After the puja, those who observe the Budhwar Vrat are allowed to eat fruits, drink juice or water, and have prasad.
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Dietary Guidelines For Wednesday Fasting Ritual

Devotees adhere to strict dietary guidelines during Wednesday fast vidhi, which may vary based on individual preferences and local traditions. Pure foods such as fruits, milk, nuts, and vegetarian meals are referred to as saatvik. Some people fast without using any water at all. To reap all the Wednesday fasting benefits, follow the guidelines properly:

  • Followers ought to have an optimistic outlook.
  • Have complete sincerity and devotion when performing the Wednesday fasting ritual.
  • Participating in charitable activities, such as assisting others and cultivating gratitude. Performing this Budhwar vrat vidhi can enhance the spiritual benefits of the fast.

Things to Avoid

To make sure that the Budhwar fasting is effective, the following things should be avoided:

  • Consuming non-vegetarian food
  • Negative thoughts
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Using tobacco.
  • Taking part in deceptive activities
  • Gossiping

These are some of the things that should be avoided when we perform the Wednesday fasting ritual.

Wednesday Fasting Benefits

It is believed that Budhwar fasting offers a number of advantages, such as enhanced intelligence, better communication abilities, and academic success. You can please both Lord Vishnu and the planetary deity Budha by keeping the Budhwar Vrat, and they will grant you the following blessings:

  • Following the Wednesday fasting ritual can counteract any bad effects that Mercury may have.
  • Budhwar fasting brings wisdom and wealth.
  • You can be blessed with a good education and assist in achieving educational goals through Wednesday fast.
  • Budhwar Vrat eliminates any educational barriers.
  • By following the Wednesday fast vidhi, you will gain wealth and wisdom
  • Bestow upon me prosperity and a happy family life.
  • Observing the Vrat on Wednesdays will lead to the success of business endeavors.
  • Budhwar fasting diminishes the impact of a weak Mercury, Mercury Dasa Bhukti, or a poorly placed Mercury in the birth chart.
  • increased sensitivity to their spiritual side.
  • Wednesday fasting is beneficial for improving mental clarity, focus, and concentration, as well as for cleansing the mind.
  • Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication, so it is thought that fasting on Wednesday will enhance one's ability to express oneself clearly and effectively.
  • Devotees who establish a connection with the divine energies of Lord Vithal and Mercury experience harmony, inner serenity, and spiritual development.

Final Takeaway

The Wednesday fast, dedicated to the planet Mercury and Lord Ganesha, holds great significance in Hindu mythology and astrology. By observing the Budhwar Vrat with faith and devotion, devotees seek blessings for wisdom, prosperity, and the removal of obstacles. From enhancing critical thinking to promoting growth in various aspects of life, the Budhwar Vrat is believed to offer a plethora of benefits to its followers.

Whether it is seeking success in education, business, or overall well-being, Budhwar fasting is a revered tradition that continues to inspire faith, perseverance, and positive transformation in the lives of those who observe it diligently. Embracing the Wednesday fasting ritual with proper vidhi not only strengthens one's spiritual connection but also nurtures a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

Wednesday Fast - Rituals, Methods, and Benefits (2024)


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