TikTok-Trending French Bob Hair Cuts Look Great on Women Over 50 and Add Volume + Texture to Thin, Fine Hair (2024)

Say bonjour to the ‘new’ French bob haircut trend that has been all over TikTok lately — with 315 million views and counting. While it’s sure to be the most asked for cut in 2024, this chic style has actually been around for quite some time. Part of the credit for the French bob’s longevity is due to how versatile it is, as well as how flattering it can be. What sets the French version apart from other bobs is that this cut is usually shorter and has blunt bangs — though these days the lengths and layers can vary. Read on to discover the history of this trending style and discover why it might just be the perfect cut for you!

The history of a French bob haircut

How old is the cut exactly? Well, historians say Joan of Arc was rumored to have worn a French bob haircut in order to blend in with the rest of the French army, since the short style was similar to the style of hair men wore during the the 15th century. “In fact, it was Joan of Arc’s hair that was the inspiration behind the short bob first popularized by French celebrity hairdresser Antoine de Paris in 1909,” saysDoris Domoszlai-Lantner, fashion historian andprofessor of Fashion Studies atMassachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.

“Then when silent film star and dancer Irene Castle adopted the style in 1910, copycat haircuts, and even hair accessories that could provide women with the look without committing to a haircut, became all the rage.” Once again in the 1920s, Antoine de Paris helped popularize an even shorter, edgier look that became synonymous with the decade’s infamous “flapper” look.

TikTok-Trending French Bob Hair Cuts Look Great on Women Over 50 and Add Volume + Texture to Thin, Fine Hair (1)
TikTok-Trending French Bob Hair Cuts Look Great on Women Over 50 and Add Volume + Texture to Thin, Fine Hair (2)

The French bob haircut then had yet another resurgence of popularity in the 1960s when famous hair stylist Vidal Sassoon began cutting women’s hair in the style. “Some more recent examples of French bobs include Victoria Beckham’s Posh Spice ‘do from her time in the ’90s girl group the Spice Girls and Rihanna’s bob from her ‘Umbrella’ era,” saysDomoszlai-Lantner. “Of course, one of the most well-known examples is Anna Wintour’s longstanding, signature French bob, which she has sported for several decades and counting.”

What is a French bob haircut?

So while we may not have always known that it was called the French bob, most of us have certainly seen the hairstyle. “The French bob is truly one of the most iconic hairstyles,” adds celebrity hairstylist William Whatley, former hair stylist on hit show Ambush Makeover and Director of Creative Education for Scruples Haircare. “Its characteristic traits are a length that isshorter than a regular bob with heavy, blunt bangs that skim brows.” He notes that this look is so popular because it is super flattering to the wearer and gives the illusion of thicker tresses.

To see a French bob being created, watch the below video from YouTuber and hairstylist Susan Ford.

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How a French bob flatters women over 50

When it comes to fine or thinning hair, the French bob is a great way to add texture and movement. Forwomen over 50, Whatley says this style works so well by openingup the face and highlighting features while at the same time hiding any fine lines on the forehead. To see the difference this cut makes when it comes to making hair look thicker, check out the below before-and-after videos by The Hair Bros from London and Denver-based hairstylist Randa Rivera.

As the videos above show, today’s take on the modern French bob is much more customizable and doesn’t stick as stringently to the rigid style of bygone eras.“The wonderful thing about the French bob is that so many women with different hair textures and different face shapes can wear this look by simply customizing it,” says Whatley. “You could ask for a longer bang or even wispy bangs for an edgier look. Or try adding some layers to better fit the texture of the hair.”So this style allows you to really make it your own like TikTokers Katie Jane Hughes and Holly Sherry who both opted for more wispy bangs when it came to their French bobs as shown below.


NEW HAIR new me!!!! by @Mara Roszak @RŌZ Hair #SkaterChic #Haircut#FYP#EmmaStoneFFrenchbobKJH

♬ original sound – Katiejanehughes

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What to ask for to get a French bob

Once you’re ready to head into the salon for a French bob haircut, you’ll want to ask your stylist for a length that hits at the bottom of your ear or hovers right around your chin line. “Most French bobs hit at the cheekbone or are around chin length,” says Whatley. “You want to ask for a blunt cut that is symmetrical all the way around the head, with a French line or bang straight across and just above the brow.” Take a peek below for a couple examples of longer lengths of French bobs from TikTok user Sophie Videtto and German actress Katrine De Candole.


The French Bob. A great example of how going shorter can add so much thickness and texture to hair. A strong base line combined with a few invisible layers results in a beautiful cut like the above. Cut on our great friend @katdecandole #thehairbros #frenchbob #fy #fyp #finehair

♬ Chillest in the Room – L.Dre

It’s also always a good idea to show your stylist a couple of photos of the type of French bob you want, so you’re both on the same page.There’s one caveat, Whatley notes, when it comes to wavy or curly hair. While these textures add atouch of natural body and movement to a French bob, they also require more specific shaping and layering so that the curls fall perfectly into place.

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Celebrity French bob inspiration photos

These Hollywood beauties are proof that the trendy style can be age-defying.

TikTok-Trending French Bob Hair Cuts Look Great on Women Over 50 and Add Volume + Texture to Thin, Fine Hair (3)

The rounded silhouette of a French bob as shown on Helen Mirren emphasizes cheekbones and optically restores volume to the middle of the face.

TikTok-Trending French Bob Hair Cuts Look Great on Women Over 50 and Add Volume + Texture to Thin, Fine Hair (4)

Shorter bangs like Halle Berry has above draw focus upward, pulling features up with it for a face lift-like effect.

TikTok-Trending French Bob Hair Cuts Look Great on Women Over 50 and Add Volume + Texture to Thin, Fine Hair (5)

The cut also pairs well with side swept bangs as shown on Gabrielle Union if you’re not a fan of blunt, straight across bangs.

TikTok-Trending French Bob Hair Cuts Look Great on Women Over 50 and Add Volume + Texture to Thin, Fine Hair (6)

Anna Wintour’s style is proof of how a French bob works wonders to frame facial features.

TikTok-Trending French Bob Hair Cuts Look Great on Women Over 50 and Add Volume + Texture to Thin, Fine Hair (7)

The style’s bluntness (as shown on Katie Holmes above) helps hair appear more dense.

How to style a French bob

Read on for all the styling tips and tricks that make this cut really shine.

To quickly style the cut

As for styling, a relaxed approach works best with the French bob. “All you usually need is a quick blow-dry, maybe a little texturizing spray,” says Whatley. “The spray works wonders to add volume to keep the style looking fresh and youthful, which is another reason why it’s so flattering for women in their 50s.” To do at home: Set a blow dryer on a low to medium heat. For a sleek look that hugs your scalp and face, grab a round brush and use it to pull hair straight while blow drying. This will help smooth the hair. Also be sure to pull the ends in toward the chin to create a slight curve at the bottom of the hair. For a more natural texture, brush fingers through hair while blow drying

To enhance the shape of the cut

If you’re after a more pronounced curve at the ends, use a curling iron or flat iron at the bottom inch or so of a French bob. To do: Angle the tool slightly to gently turn the bottom in toward the neck. Whatley also notes that the French bob looks best on hair that’s not washed too often — that means you just want to suds up every two days or as needed — which will help strands stay sleek. “On days when you don’t wash, all that’s needed is a quick brush and a spritz of a light hold hairspray,” he says. “This will keep the style in place to look effortlessly polished.”

To infuse the cut with extra volume

If you’d like to add some more volume and bounce to your French bob, start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. One to try:Chi Magnified Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.Then, reach for a round brush and while blow drying damp hair — and be sure to lift hair at the roots and blast the area with the hair dryer. Next, use a bit of texturizing spray, like VerbVolume Dry Texture Spray, and use fingers to gently tousle the hair for a playful, voluminous finish. Or for even more oomph and texture you could also use a diffuser like hairstylists Nunzio Saviano and Jayne Matthews both do in the TikTok videos below.


Shaggy French bob on baby fine fuzzy hair. If you want to learn how to do this on your own hair you can take my DIY classes! It’s easy Peezy #hairtok #hairtoks #razorcut

♬ original sound – Jayne Matthews

Part of what makes styling a French bob fuss-free is the structure of the cut paired with the lightweight length. Of course, that also means maintaining a French bob takes a little more upkeep. You’ll need to schedule regular trims every 3 to 4 weeks to keep the style intact. But surely regular visits to the salon would be worth having fuller looking hair that is tres chic? We say, “Oui!”

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TikTok-Trending French Bob Hair Cuts Look Great on Women Over 50 and Add Volume + Texture to Thin, Fine Hair (2024)


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