Pholourie Recipe - Trinidad (2024)

Pholourie Recipe- Trinidad

Pholourie Recipe - Trinidad (1)

You’ll need…

1 cup ground split peas
1 teaspoon crushed garlic (about 2 cloves)
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 hot pepper (crushed) – optional but it does add a nice kick to things.
1 1/3 cups water
oil for deep frying

I started off by placing the 2 cloves of garlic, salt and the piece of hot pepper (I used habanero) into my mortar and using the pestle I created a smooth paste. You’ll notice I placed the salt in this, rather than directly into the batter. the roughness of the salt works great to help crush the pepper and garlic into the required paste.

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Let’s now prepare the batter. In a large bowl place the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, split peas powder and turmeric) and whisk together. I like doing this so I can incorporate everything before we add the water. After whisking, I then add the crushed garlic/salt/pepper mixture and water. Mix thoroughly to form a lump-free batter and allow to sit for about 30 minutes (feel free to use immediately if you’re in a rush).

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In a fairly deep frying pan put enough oil to deep fry (about 4 cups or more) and heat on med to high. TIP! While the oil heats get a basket or bowl and line with a couple paper towels to place the cooked pholourie to absorb the excess oil from frying. Also get a long handle tongs to help avoid getting burned from any splatter.

When the oil is hot, using 2 table spoons scoop a tablespoon of batter and place into the hot oil. Use the second spoon to scrape the batter off the original spoon. Don’t worry if the first batch turns out a bit deformed in shape, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. You’ll notice that it will easily double in size as it cooks. Using a fork, flip them over so each side gets to cook evenly. You’re looking for a golden brown colour and the pholourie will start floating as an indication that the center is fully cooked. Remove from the oil and place on the paper towels.

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Don’t forget to get the mango chutney recipe

One final comment… this batter makes about 20-25 pholouire depending how big you make them. Happy cooking!

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Mango Chutney Recipe - To be served with Pholourie

You’ll need…

1 green mango
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 chili peppers (or 1 scotch bonnet or habanero pepper)
2 cloves garlic
dash black pepper
2 shado beni leaves (or couple tablespoons cilantro)
Juice of 1 lime or lemon
1 scallion (garnish)


Start by peeling the mango and giving it a wash under cool water. Then you have a couple options here… you can cut the green mango into pieces and add it to a food processor to puree. If you choose this method, you can add all the ingredients mentioned above at the same time and you’ll have the finished chutney very fast. The other way (One I used) is to grate the green mango on the fine option on your grater (remember to back off when you get close to the seed). Place the grated mango into a bowl to mix with the other ingredients.

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In a mortar, place the peppers, garlic, salt and shado beni (I didn’t have any) and begin to pound away. The salt (being coarse) will help you to really get a smooth paste. Now squeeze the lime or lemon into the mortar, then add the crushed mixture to the bowl with the grated mango. I put the lime juice in the mortar to help pick up the remaining bits, rather than put it directly to the bowl with the grated mango. If you’re using cilantro, I find that it’s best to mince it very fine with a knife and add it to the grated mango, rather than adding it to the mortar to be crushed.

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After you pour the crushed mixture from the mortar into the bowl with the grated mango, give it a good mix and taste for salt (remember to add a dash of black pepper). You should not get an over powering “sour” taste. It should be a combination of the tartness of the mango, the heat from the peppers, the uniqueness of the garlic and an overall freshness form the lime juice. Top with sliced scallions!

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NOTE: You will notice that if you do store it in the fridge it will loose some of it’s heat.

Some Green Mango Buying Tips!

1. The skin should look green in colour.

2. It should be very firm to the touch. Using your thumb, press against the mango, it should not give.

3. Besides being green with a bit of a natural shine in colour, it should not have any blemishes (dark spots).

4. When you cut it it should have a light green colour with a slight tinge of yellow.

Pholourie Recipe  - Trinidad (2024)


What is pholourie made of? ›

Traditional Guyanese pholourie uses dried yellow split peas which are soaked overnight then blended with water until smooth. All-purpose flour and seasonings are then added to make a batter. Many other Guyanese versions use split pea flour in place of dried split peas (which is the version you'll be making here).

What is the meaning of pholourie? ›

pholourie (countable and uncountable, plural pholouries) A Caribbean snack of fried, spiced dough balls made of dhal, served with chutney.

What is the difference between Guyanese Bara and pholourie? ›

How can you tell your bara from your pholourie? Both are fritters, made from ground chickpea flour. Bara are sometimes flattish and pan-fried, but often they are deep-fried just like pholourie, and the resulting golden orbs are almost identical in appearance.

What is pholourie eaten with? ›

The fried balls are usually served with a chutney or sour to dip them in, usually tamarind or mango. They are also added to karhi. Pholourie is a popular street food in Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago and widely available from food carts and takeaways.

How many calories are in a pholourie? ›

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 0.5 cup dry (50g)
How many calories are in Pholourie Mix? Amount of calories in Pholourie Mix: Calories 260Calories from Fat 9 (3.5%)
% Daily Value *
How much fat is in Pholourie Mix? Amount of fat in Pholourie Mix: Total Fat 1g-
14 more rows

When was pholourie invented? ›

The delicacy originated in Trinidad and Tobago when it was brought over by Indian immigrants in the 19th century, and became an inherent part of the Trini culture. The original recipe was evolved as the immigrants had to use ingredients available in their new home.

Where did the pholourie come from? ›

Pholourie is a snack food of Indo-Caribbean origin. It's common in Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and other parts of the Caribbean.


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