How to watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US on Channel 4 (2024)

How to watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US on Channel 4 (1)

Walter Presents proudly brings you The Sommerdahl Murders, a gripping crime drama where Detective Dan Sommerdahl’s professional prowess and personal life are on a collision course. Set in the picturesque Danish town of Elsinore, the series delves deep into the life of Detective Sommerdahl, who must solve chilling crimes while dealing with the unraveling of his marriage. As Dan and his best friend, Detective Flemming Torp, navigate through the icy waters of personal betrayal and professional challenges, viewers are in for an emotional rollercoaster that is as intense as it is engaging.

For those in the US looking to enjoy this series, I recommend using a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN. This allows you to bypass regional limitations and watch The Sommerdahl Murders seamlessly. With its fast and reliable service, ExpressVPN ensures you won’t miss a single moment of this captivating series.

How to watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US

With a VPN in 5 easy steps, It is possible to watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US on Channel 4.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a UK-based server.
  4. Open Channel 4 website or launch its app, then log in or sign up for a new account.
  5. You are all set to watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US

The Sommerdahl Murders Synopsis

What is The Sommerdahl Murders about?

The Sommerdahl Murders is set in the serene yet mysterious town of Elsinore, where Detective Dan Sommerdahl juggles solving complex murder cases and managing his crumbling marriage. The series takes viewers on a thrilling journey as Dan discovers his best friend and partner, Detective Flemming Torp, is secretly in love with his wife, Marianne. Amidst solving high-stakes crimes, Dan’s personal life spirals out of control, creating a captivating blend of whodunit intrigue and emotional drama. Each episode unveils new layers of mystery and relationship complexities, making it a must-watch for fans of crime dramas.

When does The Sommerdahl Murders premiere?

The Sommerdahl Murders Release Date

The Sommerdahl Murders premieres on June 28th, 2024 on Channel 4.

The Sommerdahl Murders Cast

Who is in the cast of The Sommerdahl Murders?

  • Peter Mygind as Detective Chief Inspector Dan Sommerdahl: The dedicated detective grappling with his professional and personal challenges.
  • André Babikian as Detective Flemming Torp: Dan’s best friend and partner, who harbors a secret love for Dan’s wife.
  • Laura Drasbæk as Marianne Sommerdahl: Dan’s wife and a skilled criminal technician caught in a love triangle.

How many episodes does The Sommerdahl Murders have?

The Sommerdahl Murders Episode Guide

  • Episode 1: The Deadly Truth – Dan and Flemming investigate a high-profile murder that uncovers secrets about their personal lives.
  • Episode 2: Betrayal in Elsinore – A new case brings tension between Dan and Flemming as personal betrayals come to light.
  • Episode 3: Shadows of the Past – The detectives delve into an old case that has resurfaced, challenging their investigative skills.
  • Episode 4: A Tangled Web – As the web of deceit grows, Dan and Flemming must untangle the lies to find the killer.
  • Episode 5: Final Reckoning – The season culminates in a dramatic finale that tests the limits of their friendship and professional integrity.

Where to watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US?

You are able to watch The Sommerdahl Murders on Channel 4 in the UK. However, in the US, you can’t watch without a VPN at the moment. Use a safe VPN like ExpressVPN.

How can I watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US?

You can watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US on Channel 4 app and website using a secure VPN like ExpressVPN to navigate around geo-restrictions and enjoy serie without any trouble.

Why to Watch The Sommerdahl Murders

Gripping Storyline: The series masterfully combines crime investigation with personal drama, creating a multi-layered narrative that is both engaging and emotionally resonant.

Strong Characters: The characters are well-developed and complex, adding depth to the storyline. Detective Dan Sommerdahl’s struggles with his personal and professional life make him a relatable and compelling protagonist.

Beautiful Setting: Set in the picturesque town of Elsinore, the scenic backdrops enhance the viewing experience and provide a stark contrast to the dark themes of the series.

Top-Notch Acting: The cast delivers stellar performances, particularly Peter Mygind as Dan Sommerdahl, whose portrayal of a detective grappling with personal issues is both nuanced and powerful.

Thrilling Episodes: Each episode presents a new mystery, keeping viewers hooked and eager to see what happens next. The blend of standalone stories and overarching plotlines ensures that there is never a dull moment.

The Sommerdahl Murders Trailer

The official trailer is yet to be unveiled, but we’ll refresh this page with it once it’s out.

The Sommerdahl Murders FAQ

Why is this series not available in the US?
The Sommerdahl Murders is not available in the US due to licensing agreements and regional broadcasting rights. Use ExpressVPN to bypass these restrictions.

Can I watch Channel 4 abroad?
Yes, you can watch Channel 4 abroad by using ExpressVPN. It allows you to connect to a UK server and access Channel 4’s content from anywhere in the world.

Can I stream The Sommerdahl Murders on Netflix?
No, The Sommerdahl Murders is not currently available on Netflix.

Where does the series take place?
The series is set in the Danish seaside town of Elsinore, known for its historical and scenic beauty.

Watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US

Viewers in the US can watch The Sommerdahl Murders streaming on Channel 4 app and website by using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to connect to a UK-based server and change their virtual location. This method allows you to watch serie from anywhere in the world without any restrictions.

How to watch The Sommerdahl Murders in the US on Channel 4 (2024)


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