How to E-file with the Superior Court Clerk - King County, Washington (2024)

E-Filing Application Instructions

Step-by-Step Process Guides

  • E-File into an Existing Case
  • E-File a New Case
  • E-Service: Register to receive and e-Serve a document
  • Submit Family Law Proposed Order(s)

Helpful User Tips and Practice Case Number

  • E-Filing Application User Tips

You may use the test case, 02-2-99999-9, to practice e-filing a non-fee document and e-serving others; to verify the validation of your documents .pdf or .tiff file format acceptance; and to explore the application's e-Working Copies and e-Ex Parte via the Clerk processes.

E-Filing Application Demonstrations

Demonstrations of the eFiling application are available.

  • The Public Law Library of King County, in partnership with the Clerk's Office, offers e-Filing courses regularly. View the library's training center class options here.
  • In the Community: Call to schedule a specialized virtual demonstration for your group presented by the Clerk's subject matter experts: 206-477-3000.
  • View the Clerk's CLE Workshopinformation to learn about this ten(10) credit workshop offered.

E-Filing Frequently Asked Questions

If you (an attorney) are unable to electronically file a document that is mandated to be e-filed, you must apply for a waiver before filing in paper form. You may apply for a waiver to file a single document, for an entire case or for a specific period of time. The Clerk will consider each application and will provide the approval or denial in writing. You may file documents in paper form while your request is being reviewed. If the waiver is denied, all future filings must comply with the mandatory e-filing rule (LGR 30) or you may be assessed a faulty document fee.

For managed cases, an Order Setting Case Schedule will be automatically generated after you have completed the eCommerce transaction and can be obtained via a link on the eFiling Confirmation Receipt. It is strongly recommended that you save a copy of the schedule (.pdf) at the time of filing. For additional new case e-filing information, view the Start a New Case Step-by-Step process guide.

No. The eFiling application will automatically generate and e-file a CICS for you based on the new case identification selections you make when going through the e-filing process. You can obtain and save a copy of the CICS through a link on the eFiling Confirmation Receipt upon completion of the new case e-filing process.

Signatures are the responsibility of the filing party, per GR 30. If your document includes digital signatures from DocuSign or other similar vendors, the digital signature will not be authenticated or preserved in the e-filing process. This doesn't impact the image of the signatures or the document.

If you are having trouble uploading your .pdf document, your .pdf file may be incompatible with the file validation requirements. The eFiling application suite is currently compatible with Adobe Acrobat 9 software. Please verify that your scanner or .pdf conversion software is set to version 9 or less. Also, for scanner defaults, it is recommended that the DPI be set to 200 and "hard set" the document size to 8.5 x 11 inches. Many free PDF conversion software packages are available online. One such product is "Cute PDF" from (choose the FREEWARE download version). To create a .pdf document, open your document and select to print. Change your printer options to the "Cute PDF Writer" option.

Yes. Washington State Rule of the Court: General Rule 30 (GR 30) and King County Superior Court Local General Rule 30 (LGR 30) identify documents that cannot be filed electronically and must be filed in paper form only. There are certain document types that should not be filed in the court file regardless of format. For example: negotiable instruments, exhibits and trial notebooks.

Select the document type that most clearly identifies the document you are e-filing. If you are unsure of what type to choose, you may select "other." However, if you are filing a document that has a fee associated with it be sure to choose the document type that has the appropriate fee associated or your document will be rejected for non-payment.

The E-Filing application provides the option to upload an "attachment" or an "additional document" following the successful upload of a document into the system. The "attachment" feature operates like an electronic stapler. If you have exhibits or additional files that are intended to be filed with the primary document as one document, use the "attachment" option. The "additional document" feature provides the option to e-file a second or additional primary document into the case with one e-filing submission.

If you have been instructed by the Court to submit electronic exhibits via ShareFile, click HERE.

E-filing is free for most documents; however, some documents require a fee to fileby law. When a fee is required the eFiling system will show the fee next to the document type and on the e-filing summary page. Fees can also be reviewed in our fee schedule at any time. Electronic payments incur a processing fee for each transaction. The fee is $2.49 for credit cards or $1.49 for internet check payments.

If your internet connection is down, it is your responsibility to go to one of the many locations that offer free internet access, including public libraries and the Public Law Library of King County. If the King County network is down or if the eFiling application is off during business hours, filing directions will be posted on this alternate website: It is highly recommended that you save this site link to your favorites for easy verification of the eFiling application status or to get to the eFiling application without accessing the King County network.

You will not be issued a case schedule for modifications or objections via the eFiling application at the time of filing. A case schedule will be mailed to you after review by the clerk.

Although electronic service in King County is required per LGR 30, e-service is not an automatic function of the eFiling application from the court or case parties. After e-filing, parties must select to e-serve the document(s) and identify the registered receiver(s). For additional information, view the e-service step-by-step process guide.

Unfortunately, the county's current online payment processing system will not accept non-USA addresses and phone numbers. If you do not have USA contact information, enter the Clerk’s Office address and phone: 516 Third Ave, Suite E-609, Seattle, WA, 98104, 206-477-3000, into the required eCommerce form fields. Please be sure to enter your correct email address so that we may contact you, if necessary, about your filing and/or payment. This restriction on accepting out of country contact information will be changing in 2018 as the county changes system vendors.

E-filed documents are not available for public viewing until they have first been reviewed and processed by the clerk. When e-filing, as in paper filing, please follow the appropriate sealing process identified in the state and local rules.

Proposed orders may not be e-filed. Stipulations can be filed separately from the order, and the order can be presented to your assigned judge via working copies. Another option, if eligible for signing in the Ex Parte Department, is the Ex Parte via the Clerk component within the eFiling application. When using the Ex Parte via the Clerk component, stipulations with original signatures can be uploaded as a .pdf within the “Add Additional Documents” tab. Please refer to GR 30 for the appropriate use of /S/ in lieu of a signature. If the Stipulation has not been filed, verify that the “e-file me” box is checked. Proposed orders should be uploaded as a WORD (.doc or .docx) file within the “Proposed Order” tab, or you may deliver the Stipulation and Proposed Order to the Clerk’s Office in hard copy for presentation to the Ex Parte Department.

No. E-filing a document(s) and submitting electronic working copies to the judge or commissioner's calendar are separate actions within the eFiling application. E-filing a document(s) does not satisfy any requirement of parties to submit working copies. eWorking Copies is an optional service within the eFiling application that complements the e-filing of court documents. For more information view the eWorking Copies page.

How to E-file with the Superior Court Clerk - King County, Washington (2024)


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