Bangladeshi Chicken Korma Recipe (2024)



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Janet Zimmerman

A few tips: first, it's easier to mix the onion puree with the yogurt and spices separately, then add to the chicken, especially if your pan isn't very large. Second, if you strain the sauce after the chicken cooks, you not only remove the whole spices, but also most of the curdled bits of yogurt, resulting in a smoother sauce. Third, the 5-7 plus 35 minutes was not enough time for bone-in chicken thighs; they were cooked through but not very tender. An extra 15 minutes would have helped.

Sue Llewellyn

A parenthetical comment in step 2 or 3 that even whole-milk yogurt is likely to break, even at a simmer, might reassure some readers that all will eventually be well--preventing considerable dismay when they first lift the lid!


I served this with Franey's turmeric rice with raisins (using brown basmati); the combination was really good. I used two serrano chilies, 4 cloves, and 5 cardamom pods, omitted the sugar, and didn't find the chicken at all bland.


This smelled amazing, but alas, it tasted kind of bland. Husband can't eat hot peppers so did not include them, but not sure whether that would have made that much of a difference. Need more than a teaspoon of salt to season the chicken, and I'm thinking the chicken needs to be browned a bit before adding the yogurt and spices. I will probably try it again, but be more aggressive with the seasoning.

Su S.

This particular type of korma is meant to have a white fragrant gravy. That is why the ground onion and spices are not fried and the chicken is not browned. It is different from the other types of meat curries that in which the onions and garlic-ginger are fried first.

If the curdled yogurt really bothers you, you can try substituting half and half, evaporated milk or cream.


To avoid the gray sauce problem, add a tablespoon of turmeric after you've pureed the onion mixture and another tablespoon of garam masala right before serving.Because I wanted veggies, I dumped a bag of broccoli & cauliflower florets into the pot about 10 minutes before it was ready. Used the suggestion for Marcona almonds in the onion puree (do the almonds first) and added whole almonds to the pot. Made bouquet garni of bay leaves, cloves, cardomom, and peppercorns.


This is definitely better the second day, but I found a few things perk it up a bit. First if you have time marinate the chicken for 30 min to an hour after step 2 before turning on the heat it's a lot better. Second, if you want it spicier add the chiles earlier/in the marinating phase. Finally, crush a few marcona almonds in the blender before adding the onion mixture. All in all a pretty good recipe as is tho for such little effort.


Next time I'll bundle the cardamom & peppercorns in cheesecloth. Otherwise, we loved this.

Gail Cowan

I have very little experience with Indian cooking. Loved this and would have preferred more heat. I didn't have a "small hot green chile" so I used a dried chipole that I had. It didn't provide much. My chicken thighs had skins so I pulled them off and rendered them for the fat and set them aside. Then I cooked the onions in the chicken fat (!), and crumbled the crispy chicken skins on top of the finished thighs. "What's this great crispy thing?" my husband asked. Good dish.


Typically, they are left in for the diners to fish out. My family hates that, though, so I wrap the spices in a piece of cheesecloth tied with twine and remove the bundle before serving.


Peppercorns? Not in the list of ingredients. How many?

Sue Llewellyn

Nope--will only help flavors permeate meat, plus tenderizing it a bit.



This is good but I had to take out the chicken and put it under the broiler and then cook down the sauce that was in the pan. We all agreed that the recipe could benefit from some nuts... cashews, slivered almonds, whatever you like. Maybe a bit of cumin? Also it is very pale in appearance, as others have noted. It's almost terrific and worth making and tinkering with.


Marinated the chicken in a regular brine while I was making the onion paste so it would be more juicy and flavorful. When serving with jasmine rice, I recommend cooking the rice (1 1/2 cups) with 6-10 cloves added and a dash of ground cardamom. No need to season the rice any more than that, it’s main purpose is to soak up all the extra gravy, which should be flavorful if you follow the most helpful tips listed here.


This is a great recipe. I've made it many, many times. Sometimes I forget the sugar. No big deal. The onions on top are a great addition, but I think I've served without them too. I like it with basmati rice cooked with cumin, cinnamon stick, mustard seeds and fried onions. Delish!


I put the cardamon, cloves, cinnamon stick, etc. in a little cheesecloth pouch.


1.5 tsp. salt1 large onion5 cloves garlic1 c. yogurt7 cardamom pods6 cloves3 bay leaves1 tsp. sugar1 tsp. black peppercorns Try blending yogurt.Use water only if needed.Add chiles earlier.

Nancy W

You must use full fat yogurt...otherwise the sauce breaks down. I did it with boneless skinless thighs.... Flavor was great!!


I ended up liking this quite a bit! Was a little nervous as I cooked it and read others' comments... If you're tasting the sauce halfway through and going "What is this I'm making?", just keep cooking! It does come together into something quite delicious. Subtle, but delicious.I do agree that it's not very much sauce...perhaps all the non-chicken ingredients could be doubled? But I haven't tried that, so don't take my word for it!


fabulous! mouth wateringly good. perfect combination of spices. the sauce was sublime.


Used food processor. Agree mixing all except chicken first.

David Cohen de Lara

Very disappointing. Smells amazing, tastes bland. Cooking time is too short. Sauce can easily become a curdled, watery mess. If you know what you’re doing you can turn these ingredients into something wonderful but if you follow this recipe to the letter you’re going to be let down.


Meh. No flavor, i was surprised that it just tasted like chicken. The chiles did nothing for the sauce. Some sriracha and mango chutney made this somewhat enjoyable.


Used chicken breasts and was aggressive with spices based on other notes. Added broccoli and cauliflower at the end which was an improvement. If this is your first time cooking it go with the spices as indicated, mine was INTENSE. Onions at the end are a must.


Well sheep milk yogurt doesn't break. I've amped up the spices -added curry powder, delicious chili flakes, and cinnamon powder, more cloves etc. we'll see.


I agree with previous comments re salt. Needs more! I cook Indian dishes once/twice a week & this one was the most disappointing recipe. Shouldn’t be called Indian. Tasted way too much of onions & actually sour, despite the sugar. I added dagad phool as well as asafoetida, coconut & homemade garam masala to get an ‘Indian’ flavour into the dish. Turmeric was a very useful tip to get a little bit of colour into this ‘off looking’ mess...


This one's not Indian! It's Bengali. Close in geography, but different. :)


Apparently a lot of folks haven't actually read the recipe thoroughly, which at step 3 says "season to taste with salt." So you start with the one teaspoon of salt, and then as the dish is constructed, you add more to taste. So if the criticism is that it "needs more salt" the only answer I can construe is that the directions weren't followed, and the dish wasn't "seasoned to taste with salt." Cooking with a variety of spices always involves adequate salt - otherwise the spices don't "pop."

Barbara M.

Didn't have access the cardamom pods so I used half tsp of ground cardamom as a substitute. Worked well. I did add the tumeric mentioned earlier at the end to create a less "grey look" to the sauce and it didn't affect the flavor much at all. Would like a little more punch to the recipe, but overall, it was a winner and I'll continue to play around with it.


Easy and delicious. Used 1/4 c whipped cream cheese, 1/4 c half & half, and a dollop of light sour cream instead of yogurt. No breakage! Used unthawed flash-frozen boneless thighs instead of bone-in and worked great. Served over jasmine rice cooked with raisins and shredded carrots in Instant Pot. Sublime pairing! I might actually use more sliced onion at the end next time - that part was especially delicious. I cooked those in ghee for even better flavor.

Desert fox

I found this to be very fragrant and sweet from the spices alone, I forgot the sugar! so can't speak tot that. Liked it a lot.

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Bangladeshi Chicken Korma Recipe (2024)


What is the difference between chicken curry and chicken korma? ›

Hence, korma has a yoghurt/cream-based mildly spicy gravy with a simmered centre component. Shahi korma, Mughalai korma, Hyderabadi korma, and Kashmiri korma are prime examples. On the other hand, curry is usually spicier and thicker than korma.

What makes korma taste like korma? ›

Korma defies strict definition, but this Mughlai dish typically involves meat or vegetables braised in a relatively mild velvety yogurt sauce that's seasoned with aromatic spices. It often carries a nutty undertone from blended almonds, cashews, coconut, or poppy seeds.

What's the difference between korma and kurma? ›

In North India it is called as korma and is made with yogurt, seeds, nuts & onion paste made from fried or boiled onions. In South India, it is called as kurma and is made with fresh coconut & seeds paste. Occasionally a small quantity of yogurt is used.

Which is better chicken korma or Butter Chicken? ›

When it comes to the choice between Butter Chicken and Chicken Korma, it ultimately boils down to personal preference. Butter Chicken is the choice if you enjoy a creamy, tomato-based sauce with a sweet touch. Chicken Shahi Korma is the dish for you if you prefer a milder and nuttier savor with a rich, aromatic gravy.

Is chicken korma better than chicken tikka masala? ›

In short, both Chicken Shahi Korma and Chicken Tikka Masala are creamy and tasty. However, the chicken korma dish has fewer species and a creamier flavor, while chicken tikka is more flavorful due to the use of hot spices and varies in different tastes and flavors.

Which Indian curry is similar to korma? ›

Similar to a Korma but with a small touch of added spice, the Pasanda was originally made from lamb leg, but today often uses chicken or prawns. The mild curry flavour is attributed to the yoghurt marinade and coconut milk, often with the addition of peppercorns, garlic, cumin, and onions.

Why does my korma taste bitter? ›

With a meaty sauce that covers the veggies you cannot go wrong when serving this hearty meal to your family and friends. Your curry can taste bitter if the spices and garlic are burnt or if you've added too much fenugreek to the dish.

Is korma the same as tikka masala? ›

In the battle of spice dynamics, Korma employs a more subdued approach, relying on fragrant notes to create a nuanced backdrop. Tikka Masala, on the other hand, marches forward with a vibrant array of spices, where cumin, coriander, and paprika join forces to conquer taste receptors with their fiery embrace.

What is special about korma? ›

A korma can be mildly spiced or fiery and may use lamb, goat meat, chicken, beef or game; some kormas combine meat and vegetables such as spinach and turnip. The term shahi (English: royal), used for some kormas, indicates its status as a prestige dish, rather than an everyday meal, and its association with the court.

What nationality is chicken korma? ›

Chicken korma is a mild curry dish originating from traditional Indian cuisine. Boneless chicken pieces are braised in a rich, creamy sauce made from yoghurt and nuts (almonds and cashews are favourites), with delicate, aromatic flavours, such as cardamom, rosewater and saffron.

What is the difference between biryani and korma? ›

Biryani is a flavorful and aromatic rice dish often made with spices, meat (such as chicken), and sometimes vegetables, while chicken korma is a rich and creamy curry made with chicken and a blend of spices, yogurt, and cream.

Why is it called korma? ›

The word korma is derived from Urdu qorma, korma or kormah, meaning “braise”, and referring to the cooking technique used in the dish.

What is the difference between masala and korma? ›

Cooking type, Color, Gravy consistency (khorma is thin to med thick- where tikka masala is semi gravy or very less coating ) , Flavor, texture of meat are the core difference.

Is chicken korma sweet or spicy? ›

Is chicken korma very spicy? Chicken Korma is traditionally made from yogurt, coconut milk, and almonds, making it one of the mildest chicken curries. The thick and creamy sauce has a sweetish tang to it coming from the coconut and almonds and is usually made with tender chicken chunks and served with rice.

What do Indians call butter chicken? ›

Butter chicken, traditionally known as murgh makhani (pronounced [mʊrɣ ˈməkʰaːni]), is an Indian dish originating in Delhi. It is a type of curry made from chicken with a spiced tomato and butter (makhan) sauce. Its sauce is known for its rich texture.

Is korma and curry the same? ›

Korma is a mild curry made from various spices. including coriander and is often served with a yoghurt. sauce or nuts; while curry originates from a collection. of dishes that are synonymous with south Asian.

Is chicken korma classed as a curry? ›

Chicken Korma is traditionally made from yogurt, coconut milk, and almonds, making it one of the mildest chicken curries. The thick and creamy sauce has a sweetish tang to it coming from the coconut and almonds and is usually made with tender chicken chunks and served with rice.

What curry is hotter than korma? ›

Whereas in the 1970s, many restaurants simply offered a standard menu of curries that ranged from the very mild, like biryani or korma, through to the blow-the-roof-of-your-mouth-off hot, such as vindaloo (we won't talk at length here about the mercifully short-lived popularity of the legendary phaal - often also ...

Is chicken korma a type of curry? ›

The chicken Korma. This well-renowned Indian curry can be found on every Indian restaurant menu around the world. The curry sauce itself can be found on supermarket shelves everywhere. If there was to be one curry that represents Indian cuisine, it might just be a chicken Korma.


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