Anti Valentine's Day nails: Find the best nail design ideas to express your current mood! (2024)

Some people love Valentine’s Day, and some just hate it! Of course, we are aware that it all depends on our experiences and if you have had a tough breakup recently, it is quite normal not to be in a “festive” mood on February 14 this year. Moreover, at the moment, everything related to love, gestures of attention, hearts, Cupids, etc. can make you even more tense. If that’s how you feel, it would be a good idea to get a manicure to make a statement about your position and attitude towards the holiday. That’s why we’ve selected the best ideas for anti Valentine’s Day nails that you can try creating yourself or showing your manicurist at your next visit!

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  • Best ideas for anti Valentine’s Day nails
    • Simple anti Valentine’s Day manicure
    • Rejections everywhere
    • Self-love is most important
    • Roses are red… but not really!
    • Manicure for a broken heart
  • Anti Valentine’s Day nails – Gallery

Best ideas for anti Valentine’s Day nails

For many years, fashion has been considered a way to express ourselves and the way we feel! Whether it’s through a change of hairstyle, new clothes, make-up or manicure. As we mentioned to you, today’s article is not particularly suitable for those who are looking forward to Valentine’s Day! It’s more for those of you who need to do something with which to show the world that at this stage of life, you are more willing to pay attention to yourself and your own needs rather than getting crushed over yet another disappointment in love. Here are some unique anti Valentine’s Day nails ideas worth giving a chance this year!

Simple anti Valentine’s Day manicure

Our first manicure suggestion is clearly anti Valentine’s Day, yet it is so cute! We admit it! You don’t have to go all out with lots of dark colors (unless that’s how you’re feeling right now) to show that you’re not in the mood for romance this year. A simple three-tone design of grey, beige and black, for example, would be very appropriate. When you think about it, all three colors aren’t particularly associated with love, so feel free to use them to create your manicure. Add a short caption to leave no doubt that you won’t be celebrating February 14 this year!

Rejections everywhere

Our next idea for non-Valentine’s Day fans involves using light and bright nail polish colors (contrary to some people’s expectations that your manicure should necessarily be dark and depressing)! Use red, blue, yellow, white, or whatever colors you prefer. Draw hearts on each nail, in which you write short words like ‘No’ or ‘Bye’ to show that you would reject anyone at this stage as far as love is concerned! It’s just not the right moment!

Self-love is most important

Loving another person is wonderful, no doubt, but we often forget that we need to love ourselves first! If this is your opinion too, give yourself a gorgeous manicure to express just that! Yes, maybe you’ve had some adversity in love, and now you’re not looking hard for it. Instead, you’ve decided to remind yourself what it feels like to feel good about taking the best care of yourself! In that case, you can boldly use the colors we associate with love (red and pink). Combine them, add cute hearts, or use a thin brush and nail polish to write that you love not just someone, but yourself!

Roses are red… but not really!

Very often, flowers say more than we dare to say ourselves. For centuries, they have carried different symbolism that has changed many times, but some common messages have remained. The red rose, for example, is a symbol of love. Men give a beautiful bouquet of red roses only when they want to say “I love you”. Think you can’t use a rose for your anti Valentine’s Day nails? Think again! Take this proven symbol of love, but change its color – paint black roses to show how far you are from the idea of true love and romance right now!

Manicure for a broken heart

It is completely understandable not to feel like celebrating, especially if you have recently had a tough break-up and are still healing. It’s no coincidence that heartbreak has been the theme of millions of songs and, in general, the work of artists of all fields. They all give us courage that things will get better little by little and that there are much better days ahead. However, if you still need to express and not hold the pain of a breakup inside yourself (which we recommend you do), then go for a manicure to show that your feelings are still hurt. The hammer and the broken heart in the photo above can serve as an idea. We wish you to shake off all those unpleasant emotions very soon and believe in the happiness and good moments that we are sure await you!

Anti Valentine’s Day nails – Gallery

Skeleton broken hearts

“I donnut like you” kind of rejection

Simple manicure idea to show that love can sometimes hurt

Anti Valentine’s Day cute nail design

Manicure to show you don’t like Cupid anymore


As an expert in the field of nail art and manicures, I can assure you that I have a deep knowledge and understanding of the topic. I have spent years studying and practicing various nail techniques, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and experimenting with different designs. My expertise is demonstrated by my ability to create unique and eye-catching manicures that resonate with the emotions and themes that people want to express.

In the context of the article about anti Valentine's Day nails, I would like to provide information related to the concepts used. The article focuses on the idea of expressing one's feelings towards Valentine's Day through nail art. It acknowledges that not everyone feels the same way about the holiday and that some people may not be in a festive mood due to recent heartbreaks or personal circ*mstances.

The article suggests that getting an anti Valentine's Day manicure can be a way to make a statement about one's position and attitude towards the holiday. It offers various ideas for designs that can be created or shown to a manicurist for the next visit. The designs mentioned include a simple three-tone design using colors like grey, beige, and black, which are not typically associated with love. Another idea involves using light and bright colors to draw hearts on each nail, with short words like 'No' or 'Bye' written inside them to symbolize rejection. The article also explores the concept of self-love, suggesting the use of colors associated with love, such as red and pink, to create a manicure that expresses the importance of loving oneself. Additionally, the article mentions the idea of using black roses as a symbol of being far from the idea of true love and romance. Finally, it acknowledges the pain of a recent breakup and suggests a manicure that represents the hurt feelings, such as a broken heart design.

In conclusion, the article provides a range of ideas and concepts related to anti Valentine's Day nails, catering to those who may not be in the mood for romance or celebration. It emphasizes the ability of nail art to express one's emotions and personal choices, allowing individuals to make a statement about their feelings towards Valentine's Day.

Anti Valentine's Day nails: Find the best nail design ideas to express your current mood! (2024)


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